Thread supplier SMI has rebranded its finished, high tenacity sewing threads for use in bedding, quilting, filtration and industrial sewing as TechniThread by SMI.

The Cookshire, Quebec-based company is expanding its U.S. sales efforts for TechniThread under the leadership of Herman Tannenbaum, director of sales for the United States. Tannenbaum is an independent agent based in Philadelphia. He oversees a growing TechniThread sales team that covers the entire United States.

“Our sales team has grown dramatically in the last six months, and we are actively recruiting new sales agents,” Tannenbaum said.

TechniThread has a stocking warehouse in Los Angeles. A manufacturing plant and warehouse in Roanoke, Va., are scheduled to open during the first quarter of 2013.

SMI operates a 178,000 square foot facility at its Quebec headquarters that’s equipped with modern machinery and testing labs. The TechniThread product line includes polyester, nylon, acetate, rayon, polypropylene, flame retardant aramids and para-aramids, and anti-static yarns.

“High tenacity is our claim to fame and offers many benefits to mattress manufacturers,” Tannenbaum said. “As a continuous thread, TechniThread has knotless and spliceless characteristics. By using better raw fiber, our threads yield better sewability, better breaking strength, higher sewing speeds, tighter quilting patterns and the ability to sew through thicker buildups without thread breakdown.”