Canada-based 3A Throwing, a provider of twisting, doubling, cabling, winding and autoclaving services, has acquired Lowell, Mass.-based Ames Textile Corp.’s Synthetic Yarns Division in Christiansburg, Va.

The acquisition includes a 77,000-square-foot (ft2) manufacturing plant, machinery, inventory and other assets. According to 3A Throwing, the plant will continue operating and producing the current Ames product line, with further expansion and product diversification planned. The facility — which offers climate controlled conditions and is equipped with modern two-for-one twisters — twists a range of 30 to 100,000 denier yarns including polyester, nylon, polypropylene and carbon fibers. The yarns produced are used for woven labels, seat belts and other specialty end-uses including woven, knitted, braided and other products.

Founded in 1865, Ames Textile is one of the oldest U.S. textile manufacturers to remain in continuous operation. 3A Throwing, established in 1987, is housed in a 178,000-ft2 facility and operates 11,000 two-for-one twisting spindles as well as other equipment.